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Welcome to

Purpose of this Site

This site is intended for anyone who is looking for IT courses in Greater London. It includes directories of IT trainers (including, colleges offering IT courses, IT training companies, online course providers and freelance and corporate trainers).

We also have an IT course search, which currently holds about 7,066 computing courses throughout Greater London.

In addition, we have a computing book shop, in association with, which holds 1,070 IT and computing books, many of them 'teach-yourself'.

Directories of IT training providers in London

This site has directories of places to learn IT or Computing in and around London. As well as colleges, training companies and freelance teachers and trainers, it contains links to online IT course providers and downloads of IT training software, etc.

Where available, there are also links to the different colleges' and companies' Websites, so you can visit each one to compare them.

The table below shows the number of colleges, IT training companies, etc, which are displayed on this site, together with the number of each that have links to their own Websites:

Category Displayed With Links* %
Colleges offering IT courses 66 53 80.3%
IT Training companies 386 61 15.8%
All colleges and IT training companies 452 114 25.2%
Freelance IT teachers and trainers 133 133 100.0%
Online IT course providers 3 3 100.0%
All IT Training Providers 629 266 42.3%
*Links include Websites and email addresses

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